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Updating ExcelXP tagset to v1.86 impossible?

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Updating ExcelXP tagset to v1.86 impossible?


I've tried to update our ExcelXP tagset from v1.53 to v1.86 as described in "Usage Note 32394: Installing and Storing Updated Tagsets for ODS MARKUP".
All I get are many errors stating SYMBOLIC REFERENCE NOT RESOLVED.

Comparing the code of v1.86 with version v1.53 shows that in v1.53 all statements using an & in double-quotation marks or without any marks are hidden from the macro-processor with %NRSTR().

Do I need to edit the code of v1.86 and add the (missing?) %nrstr()?
Or are there any system options I have to set before compiling v1.86?
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Re: Updating ExcelXP tagset to v1.86 impossible?

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I downloaded and installed the updated ExcelXP tagset at the link below, and had no errors when using it. Also, you referenced a prior version which is not mentioned on the page below.

Scott Barry
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Re: Updating ExcelXP tagset to v1.86 impossible?

Hi Scott,
thank you for reply!

I have downloaded the exceltags.tpl (again) and submitted it using %include ...
and it worked!
The newly downloaded file displays on Windows like a UNIX-file: all lines merged together no CR/LF at eol. The previous file for v1.86 displayed 'correctly' in notepad but didn't work. strange.
Perhaps some infos lost during 'translation' - but it works now and that's it.

Thank you again.
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