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Updated CSV tagset

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Updated CSV tagset

More as a curiousity, I wanted to check out the new CSV tagset (bundled along with CSVALL and CSVBYLINE). When I ran the Proc Template, I recieved the following error however:

881 define event stacked_cell;
882 start:
883 put $delimiter / if !cmp(COLSTART, "1");
884 put '"';
885 finish:
886 put '"';
887 end;
889 define event stacked_value;
890 start:
891 put ' ' /if
891! ^cmp(first_stacked_value, '1');
ERROR: Unknown symbol: 'first_stacked_value'

892 trigger put_value;
893 end;

Anyone else experience this? It was only the CSV tagset definition that bombed. The CSVALL and CSVBYLINE both were defined successfully.

I should add that I'm running SAS 9.1 on WinXP.
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Re: Updated CSV tagset

Do you have any of the service packs installed?
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Re: Updated CSV tagset

Hmm... Not sure, but I don't believe so.

In the 'About SAS 9' window, it shows:

SAS 9.1 TS Level 1M3
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Re: Updated CSV tagset

The Markup variable 'first_stacked_value' was not added until SAS 9.1.3 Service pack 2. You can upgrade to the
current service pack, or we can modify the tagset for your current version. You can get the most current service pack from the below link.
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