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Two issues with Reports

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Two issues with Reports

I have two issues with using ODS.
1. The title statement for the ODS PDF destination puts the entire title in 1 line because it is a paged destination. But the same title statement wraps the title if it is longer than the width of the cell in case of Excel. Note that I am not using tagsets to display the output but just pushing the output to Excel like this -
%IF &format = Excel
%LET _ODSSTYLE = sasweb;
rc = STPSRV_HEADER('Content-type', 'application/');
rc = STPSRV_HEADER('Content-disposition', 'attachment; filename=W_Util.xls'); RUN;

Q:Is there a way to unwrap the title in the excel output (without having to use tagsets)? The report output fits into a single page. So it helps me to avoid the usage of tagsets.excelxp.

2. I get a mysterious blue line extending the length of the longest proc report like this in the output.

table from a proc report
title "text";
table from a proc report
table from a proc report

Q: How do I remove this blue line and what is causing it?

Will posting the code from the title statements to the last proc report be helpful?

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Re: Two issues with Reports

Since you are doing this in a stored process and since other factors besides just the code might be impacting the output (such as the style template being used on the server; how you are submitting your code, etc) your best bet will be to work with Tech Support on this issue.

And, since you are probably already working with Tech Support in regard to this posting:

...they will already have some of the answers they need to be of the most help.

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