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Twitter Bootstrap for HTML Dashboard

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Twitter Bootstrap for HTML Dashboard

Hi there,

I am a user of SAS Base 9.3 and I have a task of creating a dashboard for our company. My question is whether I can use a custom HTML file, developed by me, to export this dashboard in SAS.

To be more precise, I have a HTML file which looks like a dashboard and has been build with Twitter Bootstrap. It also has a place for images which I want insert in this dashboard.

Like this : <div class="col-lg-4"><img src="path to image"></div>

So, for example, I have following code which generates some KPI image. Sadly, it also generates a html file which I dont want to use. (I have my own dashboard)

goptions reset=all device=javaimg xpixels=210 ypixels=200;

ods listing;

ods html path=my export path style=listing;

proc gkpi mode=modern;

speedometer actual=12 bounds=(0 25 50 100) /

   colors=(cx84AF5B cxF1DC63 cxD06959)




ods listing close;

ods html close;

Any Ideas how to accomplish that? At the end of the day i want to have that if I run a SAS code, it will generate an image and insert it in my dashboard.

If you have any question, please free to ask.

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