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Title statement

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Title statement

Hi Friends,

Is it possible to do fonot formatting like bold, underlin in the TITLE statements?

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Re: Title statement

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Hi Selvi

Try playing around with this:

title bold h=12pt 'Test Title';

footnote just=r f="Arial" c=red 'Test ' color = blue 'Footnote';

Also, try out using an 'escape character' in ods, to do 'in-line' formatting.

ods escapechar = "^";

title "^S={font_weight=bold font_size=12 pt}Test Title";
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Re: Title statement

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Also see the UNDERLIN= title and footnote option which will work for destinations other than Printer/PDF to underline the title and footnote. There is also the BOLD as well as other options as well. There will be a new style attribute in SAS 9.2 for underlining.
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