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Title and Footnote

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Title and Footnote

how to align title if I am creating a listing not ODS just sas listing

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Re: Title and Footnote

The SAS Options statement is what affects the SAS titles and footnotes (and the entire report) in the LISTING window.

By default
options center;

will cause the titles, footnotes and report output to be centered in the linesize that you specify. If you have
options nocenter;
Then the report, along with the titles and footnotes will be left justified. There is a way to right justify the title in the linesize, as I remember, somebody published a SAS Macro program to perform this kind of justification in the LISTING destination, essentially by counting the number of characters in the Title string, and using a calculated number of spaces to pad the title string so right justification could be accomplished.

See these references:

Of course, with ODS for non-listing destinations, it is much different because right on the TITLE or FOOTNOTE statement, you can specify justification:
title j=r 'Right justified title';
title j=l 'Left justified';

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Re: Title and Footnote

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas
I didn't get a chance to feedback to the ODS developers my appreciation for this syntax.

It has been available in SAS/Graph since some time in the mists of V6 antiquity, for which I was very grateful because it made GSlide and similar procedures very simple to lay out.

Adding it to ODS was an excellent synergy and seemed to mark a time when procedures were being developed with a little more consultation and review.

Kind regards

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