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Tagsets.excelxp I want to merge down

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Tagsets.excelxp I want to merge down

I want my first two column headers to look like this as done by tagsets.sasreport13.

4-9-2015 11-28-45 AM.png

With tagsets.excelxp I get this.

4-9-2015 11-31-29 AM.pngI

I can merge it myself and save it and see the following but I don't know if I can get this with options in tagsets.excelxp

   <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0">

    <Cell ss:MergeDown="1" ssSmiley FrustratedtyleID="m47835816"><Data ss:Type="String">name</Data></Cell>

    <Cell ss:MergeDown="1" ssSmiley FrustratedtyleID="m47835836"><Data ss:Type="String">sex</Data></Cell>

    <Cell ss:MergeAcross="2" ssSmiley FrustratedtyleID="m47835776"><Data ss:Type="String">span</Data></Cell>


Forgot to add the code:

ods tagsets.excelxp path='~' file='classmrg.xml' style=styles.sansprinter;
proc report data=sashelp.class;
"name" name)
'sex' sex)
'span' age height weight);
   define name / ' ';
define sex  / ' ';
ods tagsets.excelxp close;

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Re: Tagsets.excelxp I want to merge down

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As fas as I know, You can't . The only way I can think is changing XML source code.

Maybe Cynthia could have a solution.

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Re: Tagsets.excelxp I want to merge down


PROC REPORT does NOT merge header cells. PROC REPORT writes one report row at a time. So when it is writing the row which needs to contain "span", PROC REPORT has no visibility of any rows that came before or any rows to come after. So you will not be able to achieve the "merged" header the way you envision. TAGSETS.SASREPORT13 is the default ODS destination for Enterprise Guide. It is SASReport XML and is not like TAGSETS.EXCELXP. So you can't compare how they work or ask one to work like the other.

This is the closes you get using PROC REPORT and TAGSETS.EXCELXP.



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