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System Administration help

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System Administration help

I don't belief this is the correct place to be asking what I'm going to ask, but did'nt see a forum heading that helped. Anyway, here is the scene: Our SAS Administrator recently left us, and I am the guy who has been assigned his duties. That's all fine, but.... I've only been exposed to SAS for 4 weeks, and haven't begun to scratch the surface!

Can anyone offer advisce as to where I can pick up Administrator information, i.e., books, online, classes and so forth? I sure would appreciate any info sent my way.

Right now, I'm reading through the TONS of manuals we have regarding installation, but have no idea if that's a good choice or not.

Wish me luck and thanks in advance for anyone's help! I'm looking forward to your replies.
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Re: System Administration help

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If you need to administer the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform (including Web Report Studio, EG, SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, web tier, etc), then this link will show you the Platform Administration training path:

This class, SAS 9 Intelligence Platform Administration, is a self-paced e-learning class that would get you started immediately:

In addition, you might benefit from some of the other training classes that you can find here: (for BI client applications) (for OLAP cubes and Data Integration Studio)

In the short term, you might wish to contact Tech Support for information on how to do backups of your Metadata Server. Good luck!

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Re: System Administration help

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Thanks, Cynthia, I'll check out the links you provided. I appreciate your reply.
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