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Strange behavior in compute block

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Strange behavior in compute block

in a report simmilar to the one I posted last week I am finding a strange behavior in a compute block.

DEFINE CAMPID / GROUP FORMAT= $zcampnm. WIDTH=9 SPACING=2 RIGHT "Campaign" order=internal ;

compute before campid /
line campid $zcampnm.;

The campidc in the line statement is not the same as the campidc in the compute line.

The first value ws repeated 4 times then thereafter the value was shifted 3 groups up. I have the group value in a hidden collumn as well, so I can expand it and see that the two values are side by side and not the same.

Am I missing something about how these values are related in a compute block? ok It was my fault. I had mistakenly used GROUP instead of SUM on one of the column statements. It worked fine except for this strange line commend.

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