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Stored Process does not generate HTML-output.

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Stored Process does not generate HTML-output.

Hi All,

I have this SP created in EG. In the menuitem Tools -> Options the default result format is set to HTML. When I run the SP, the result is an XML-file (the default format for Web Report Studio). How come?

The code is just include-statement to a program that contains the actual report. EG added some extra statements (like the stpbegin and stpend macros).
What am I missing here?

In the LOG all macrovariables are displayed and I see a line that says:
_ODSDEST = tagsets.sasreport11

Which is the XML SAS Report format for SAS Web Report Studio.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Stored Process does not generate HTML-output.

Hi Raoul:
Questions like this really belong in the Stored Process forum, not in the ODS forum. Folks who post here generally do not have or use the BI platform. Folks with specific questions about Stored Processes and the Platform generally post in the Stored Process forum or if their question is related to using the SP in EG, they occasionally post in the EG forum.

Without looking at your code, and your log, it's very hard to diagnose what might be happening. Does your %included code already have a %STPBEGIN/%STPEND pair??? Does your %included code do anything with &_ODSDEST??? Did your original code have any %STPBEGIN/%STPEND?? There can ONLY be one pair of %STPBEGIN/%STPEND in your program -- in ALL the code -- so if you have it in any of your code and then EG puts it around your code, the results will likely be wrong. Also, if EG is adding these macro calls around your %INCLUDE program reference and then something in your INCLUDED program tries to override &_ODSDEST, the override will fail because the value is set at the first encounter with %STPBEGIN.

There are 2 places in EG Tools --> Options when you're running on the Platform -- there is a Results Link close to the top of the navigation pane -- that controls EG general results. There is a separate link, further down the navigation pane, that says either "Stored Processes" or "Stored Process Results" -- I don't have my EG open to check. When you're running SPs, you need to set the option that is clearly for SP--generally, when you let EG users take control of SP results like this, you do NOT put any overrides to &_ODSDEST in your SP code.

Tech Support may be the best folks to help you with this. They can look at ALL your various code files and at your generated SP code and at your LOG and help you figure out what's wrong. (Also, there is a HUGE difference between using AUTOCALL macros and using %INCLUDE to include code snippets. I rarely would recommend using %INCLUDE code snippets over using AUTOCALL macros -- even if you're %INCLUDING an entire %MACRO/%MEND program -- if you're not careful, depending on your mix of "regular" code and "macro" code, it is too easy to lose your step boundaries inside the %INCLUDED code. I might be tempted to use the %INCLUDE if I had a clear, simple, single program (like a PROC CONTENTs or a PROC PRINT on the last active dataset) that I had to run over and over -- and even then, I'd probably opt for an autocall macro instead of a %INCLUDE.

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