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Star Chart - multiple rings

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Star Chart - multiple rings

Hello - Thought I would post in this forum as well..

I'm interested in using the Star Charts to display my data - however I would like to apply multiple rings to the chart. I've found examples that presents the data encircled by 1 outside ring. I'd like to have 3 concentric rings (something like a bulls-eye) that would allow the users to see clearly where the data falls instead of simply proportional comparisons. I'm sure this is possible - but don't know if it would be a function in the star chart procedure or if I would need to overlay another chart. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Star Chart - multiple rings

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Outside of the SAS/Graph documentation, the best place I've seen for graphic examples is Bob Allison's web site.

In order to draw concentric rings, you may need to look at the ANNOTATE facility. Bob has a lot of examples of using the SAS/Graph ANNOTATE facility (including a chart that is all concentric rings).

His main web site is:

And the Annotate example for earthquakes (with rings) is here:

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Re: Star Chart - multiple rings

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Thanks - it looks like a great site.
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