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Spaces above and below main body

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Spaces above and below main body

I am using SAS 9.1.3 and outputting to RTF.

Whether or not I use BODYTITLE to produce my outputs, I always get a blank line after my titles, and before my footnotes in my output (using PROC REPORT, PROC GPLOT, etc.).

Using the following that I found elsewhere:
ODS MARKUP TYPE=STYLE_POPUP FILE="general_faq0007_1.htm" STYLESHEET="general_faq0007.css";

< procedure >


I can see that the section I'm referring to is the "branch", but I don't know how to modify this.

Can anybody please help me?
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Re: Spaces above and below main body

Our staff RTF expert is unavailable this week, so it may be next week before we in R&D can respond with a definitive answer.

-- David Kelley, SAS
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Re: Spaces above and below main body

There is no tagset for RTF in 9.1.3 that you can change. However, this PharmaSUG paper illustrates a technique for inserting RTF control strings into a file to delete the space above the table. I believe that -that- is your issue -- the space that's put above and between tables -- which is unrelated to the space that goes around a title:
There is good news for SAS 9.2 -- by then, there will be a destination known as "measured RTF" and I believe that under that scenario, there will be a tagset to modify. But, even better, I think he's added a facility to allow you to alter the number of spaces that you see above and/or between tables--without needing to change the tagset. When he gets back he can verify this. The preliminary documentation, however, indicates that there will be a PARSKIP style element that you can change in a style template:
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Re: Spaces above and below main body

Hi Cynthia

Unfortunately the ODS RTF in 8.2 and 9.1.3 was built with this inflexibility.
I am sure with 9.2 you can define how you want for this in the RTF tagsets.

Anyhow you can do this in 8.2 and 9.1.3 with one line of SAS code in post-processing
ie change \par} to \}

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Re: Spaces above and below main body

I know, however, I generally am not a fan of post-processing any of the files created by ODS, but particularly RTF, since a mismatched { or missing \ can corrupt the RTF file and make it unopen-able.

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