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Space appearing before superscript number in ods pdf text

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Space appearing before superscript number in ods pdf text

I am using the following code in SAS enterprise guide 6.1:


ods pdf text="~S={cellwidth=19.00cm font_face='Arial' font_size=10pt Just=l}Most patients who go on to become organ donors start their journey in the emergency department (ED).
	 Deceased donation is important, not just for those people waiting on the transplant list, but also because many people in the UK have expressed a wish in life to become organ donors after their death. The overarching principle of the NHSBT Organ donation and Emergency Department strategy~{super 5}~S={cellwidth=19.00cm font_face='Arial' font_size=10pt Just=l}is that best quality of care in organ donation should be followed 
	 irrespective of the location of the patient within the hospital at the time of death.";


When this is output to PDF there is a large space appearing between 'strategy' and the superscript 5 and I cannot remove it (pictured in the attached). 


Does anyone know why? And if so is there any solution?


Thanks in advance,




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