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Space Between Table and Footnote

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Space Between Table and Footnote

I am creating an RTF file through ODS and PROC REPORT, and I am noticing that 1 or 2 blank lines are being placed between the table and the footnotes. I can remove these lines in the file (post-processing), but I was wondering if there is a way to control this within the SAS code. Here is an example of the code that I am using. The style is a modified version of the Journal style template. If a part of the style template controls this spacing, please let me know:

ods rtf file=".rtf"
style=Myjournal bodytitle;
ods escapechar='^';

title1 bold justify=l "Title 1";
proc report data=test headline headskip split="|" nowd spacing=2 style(report)={asis=on just=l cellpadding=5 borderwidth=5};
columns gp i x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 ;
define gp / order noprint;
define i / display width=20 "Variable" left flow format=cat. style(column)={cellwidth=25% asis=on};
define x1 / display width=12 "Group 1|(N=XXX)" center style={cellwidth=13%};
define x2 / display width=12 "Group 2|(N=XXX)" center style={cellwidth=13%};
define x3 / display width=12 "Group 3|(N=XXX)" center style={cellwidth=13%};
define x4 / display width=12 "Placebo|(N=XXX)" center style={cellwidth=13%};
define x5 / display width=12 "Total|(N=XXX)" center style={cellwidth=13%};
compute before gp;
line @1 gp gp.;
compute after gp;
line " ";
footnote1 justify=l "Footnote 1";
footnote2 justify=l "^{super a} Footnote 2.";
footnote3 justify=l "^{super b} Footnote 3.";
footnote4 justify=l "Note: This is an example note.";
footnote5 justify=l "&sysdate9 &systime";
ods rtf close;


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Re: Space Between Table and Footnote

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I think the amount of space that is used to separate the footnote from the table is 2 spaces when you use BODYTITLE, (same as when you use STARTPAGE). In the future, there will be a way to decrease this amount of space -- either through the measured RTF destination (in 9.2) or with a style element, as described here: (see the description of the PARSKIP style element).

Sadly, however, I do not think this element works in 9.1.3 with the "classic" RTF destination. So you may need to keep post processing the file to remove the spaces that you don't want.

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Re: Space Between Table and Footnote

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Hi Cynthia!
Thanks for your response! I was afraid that this version did not have the capability, because I tried so many things, and none of them gave me the result I needed. Oh well, we'll keep the post-processing for now, until the next version.

Thanks again!

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