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Slow performance on retrieving ODS output

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Slow performance on retrieving ODS output

I use java to submit the code and retrieve ODS output to the client. But the performanc of it is very slow, even a 23k result html file can take over 15 seconds. And seems it isn't related to the file size. Does anyone has the same experience ?

Here is my approach:

1. create a temp file in the server side (filename TMPFILE temp);
2. use ods html file to direct the html output to that file.
3. In java codes, after create the connection and get FileService, using following codes to retrieve the cotent of the file to a String[]

IFileref fs = myFileService.UseFileref("TMPFILE");
ITextStream htmlStream = fs.OpenTextStream(StreamOpenMode.StreamOpenModeForReading, 65535);
StringSeqHolder htmlHldr = new StringSeqHolder();
LongSeqHolder longSeqHolder = new LongSeqHolder();
htmlStream.ReadLines(Integer.MAX_VALUE, longSeqHolder, htmlHldr);
String contents[] = htmlHldr.value;

for (int i=1; i< contents.length; i++)

It's the standard approach which I found in SAS developer guide. It works without any error. Just the terrible performance...

Many thanks
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