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Seasonality Forecasting

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Seasonality Forecasting

I am working on a seasonality project and I would like to determine a monthly affect if possible. I found a graph at:

which sort of shows the seasonality trend I am looking for. I have tried using the forecast command: "%fcb" and I am able to come up with a logistic forecast. It is smooth and does not include the jumps per month. I would like a graph that really shows the monthly affect and not just the yearly slope. (I have set my interval to month). I am fairly new to SAS, any suggestions?
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Re: Seasonality Forecasting

Whether your data have monthly effect is determined by ACF and PACF which don't show in your link, but they are absolutely necessary before fitting a time series model. The Time Series Forecasting System has this function. I guess there are two possible reasons in your study. First, your data really have no monthly trend. Second, the time series model you fit is not appropriate.
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