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Save ODS HTML Page as Excel

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Save ODS HTML Page as Excel


After searching through the FAQs, I found a method that allows saving an ODS HTML page as an excel using:


This works flawlessly in IE, but does not work in Firefox or Netscape. Turns out that the execCommand function is unique to IE.

Is there any other way around this? Thanks!

More info on what I'm trying to do:
I'm displaying the result from a PROC SQL statement, the titles and footnotes to _webout, and would like to give the users the option of saving the output page as an excel file. Many thanks.
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Re: Save ODS HTML Page as Excel

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The execCommand function will work Netscape and Firefox, however, the "SaveAs" command is not supported for the current versions. Below is a link to where this is discussed further for these browsers with a possible workaround.
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