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SAS ods pdf - no image

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SAS ods pdf - no image


I am creating a sas ods pdf with proc report. Below is the code for the same. I am unable to get the logo in the file. I have tried doing the research on forum but i could not find any.

The error message i get is "Unabe to load image. default image will be loaded instead". I just need to display company logo on top left.
Please someone help.

ods listing close;
ods pdf file = "/data27/xcelqm_N/Aex2012_&mkt._&spc._&ru._&msr_grp_name._0110.pdf" notoc dpi=150 ;
options nodate leftmargin = 0.75in nocenter ;
ods escapechar = "^";
title1 h=8pt f= century j=r bold italic "Confidential";
title2 j=l "^S={preimage = '/data27/xcelqm_N/Logo.jpg' }";
title3 h=16pt f = arial j=c bold italic "Aexcel - %sysfunc(propcase(&measure_name))";
title4 j = l "_________________________________________________________________________________________________________";
title5 " ";
title6 h=8pt f= arial j=l bold italic "Provider: Market: Speciality: Observed: Expected: ";
title7 h=10pt f= arial j=l bold italic "&space1.&space2.&space3. &space4. &Expected_value.";
title8 j = l "_________________________________________________________________________________________________________";
footnote1 j = l "_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ";
footnote2 h=8pt f= arial j=c bold italic "Please refer to the letter accompanying this report for your Aexcel disignation status";
footnote3 h=8pt f=Arial j=r italic " Report Date: %sysfunc(today(),mmddyy10.)"
j=c italic "Page ^{thispage} of Page ^{lastpage}";
proc report data = detail3_adv headline headskip nowindows

style(report)=[bordercolor = black background=_undef_ rules=rows frame = void]
style(header)=[just =left font_face = century font_weight = Bold font_size = 8pt font_style = italic background = white]
style(column)=[just =left font_face = arial font_style = Italic font_size = 8pt]
ls =200;
column measure_id_key
src_member_id name admit_dt Managing_provider drg_desc Facility_name numerator_dx ;
define src_member_id / group width=4 'Member Id' ;
define name / display style = [cellwidth=40mm] spacing=6 'Patient' ;
define admit_dt / display width=4 spacing=2 'Admit Date' format = mmddyy10. ;
define managing_provider / display width=4 spacing=2 'Managing Provider' ;
define drg_desc / display 'DRG' ;
define Facility_name / display width=4 spacing=2 'Facility' ;
define numerator_dx / display style = [cellwidth=40mm] spacing=2 'Numerator ICD9' ;
define agg_nm / group noprint ;
define measure_id_key / group noprint ;
define rollup_id / group noprint ;
define market / group noprint ;
define spec_category_cd / group noprint ;


ods pdf close;
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Re: SAS ods pdf - no image

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I believe you are experiencing this issue:

Which is an interaction between the use of the {lastpage} ESCAPECHAR function with an image. I believe the only workaround is to remove the use of {lastpage} from the code.

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Re: SAS ods pdf - no image

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Thanks Cynthia. Thats exactly what i also noticed. When i removed this piece i can see the logo. But then i am losing out on page no part. I want to display "Page x of page y" at the bottom as second footer. I found couple of macros but that dint work out in pdf. Do you know of any technique?

Thansk again !!!
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Re: SAS ods pdf - no image

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The only way that I can think of would be to use ODS LAYOUT (which is still pre-production) in SAS 9.2 -- however, I don't know whether ODS LAYOUT and ODS ESCAPECHAR will work as expected while the facility is pre-production. You may want to open a track with Tech Support to find out for sure.

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Re: SAS ods pdf - no image

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A workaround way is to use ODS RTF,then transform it to pdf.
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