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SAS and Lotus Notes

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SAS and Lotus Notes

Anyone have experience with connecting to a Lotus Notes database and extracting data from the Lotus Notes database with SAS? I have been able to determine that I can connect to the Lotus Notes server, by pulling in data from a text file on the server. When I browse the server the Lotus Notes databases are not directly displayed, so it isn't as simple as selecting them from the list of available files. How do I locate and pull data from the Lotus Notes databases on the Lotus Notes server? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: SAS and Lotus Notes

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You can search the SAS documentation for the phrase:
"Lotus Notes" or "Notes Documents" and you will find a topic called "Introduction to Using Lotus Notes with SAS".
Down inside that topic is a link to a section called "Retrieving Information from Preexisting Notes Documents" which contains an example of the syntax you'd need.

Or, you could contact Tech Support for more specific information. The first paragraph of this help topic says:

"The SAS/ACCESS to ODBC pass-through engine enables you to retrieve information about existing Notes documents in a Notes database. Using ODBC to Retrieve Information from Preexisting Notes Documents shows an example of how to use the DATA step to retrieve information from the Business Card Request database."

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