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SAS Web Report Studio (Show Report Description

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SAS Web Report Studio (Show Report Description

Is there a way that the check box "Show Report Description" will automatically be checked in Web Report Studio? Everytime I enter SAS Web Report Studio I have to check this checkbox to display the reports description.
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Re: SAS Web Report Studio (Show Report Description

This is not an ODS or Base SAS Reporting question (PROC REPORT, TABULATE, PRINT, etc). Folks in this forum are more likely to be using Base SAS for reporting than Web Report Studio. Although they might be writing stored processes, they are still mostly dealing with code, than with the WRS interface.

For more help with Web Report Studio, your best bet is to investigate the WRS documentation, talk to your SAS Administrator about WRS defaults or to open a track with Tech Support.

I believe there is some customization you can do in WRS, but it is usually done by an administrator and I don't know whether the customization extends to "Show Report Description".

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