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SAS V9 - HTML Attachments Size

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SAS V9 - HTML Attachments Size

Hi All,

I am currently upgrading from SAS 8 to SAS 9.1.3(PROC-SASMSTR). Using ODS HTML i created the HTML reports in SAS 9.1.3. The size of the reports created using SAS 9 is bigger than those created using SAS 8. For instance, SAS 8 created a 15KB file while SAS 9 created it as 36KB. The contents remains the same.

What is the reason for the increase in size? What change i should make in my code to get the same size.

Thanks in Advance!

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Re: SAS V9 - HTML Attachments Size

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You were passing from html3 to html4 norm which technical contents is different
If you really want to remain in ods v8 then write ods html3 body= .... ; in place of
ods html body= ...;.

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Re: SAS V9 - HTML Attachments Size

Hi, Meena:
Andre is correct that the difference is that ODS HTML in SAS 8 conformed to the HTML 3.2 spec and ODS HTML in SAS 9 conforms to the HTML 4.01 spec. Coding ODS HTML3 may fix the problem -- but at some point you may want to consult with your web folks to see whether they have a preference or standard about which "flavor" of HTML you use.

Other things you could consider to make the HTML file smaller are:
1) use ODS PHTML -- which produces an HTML file with fewer style settings
2) use ODS CHTML -- which produces an HTML file with almost NO style settings
3) use ODS HTML with the
option to point to a CSS file that should be used to render the HTML page style when it is opened. This will result in an HTML file that only has a <LINK> tag instead of the lengthy <STYLE> section. ( This suggestion would work for ODS HTML3 or ODS HTML.)

This last choice means that you would have to MAKE a CSS file, but again, it's possible that your web folks already have a location for the storage of CSS files on your company web server. ODS can be used to MAKE a CSS file -- so if you make the CSS file one time, and put the CSS file on your web server, then you can just reference the CSS file and your HTML file will be smaller.

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Re: SAS V9 - HTML Attachments Size

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Hi Cynthia and Andre,

Thanks for your inputs. That was really helpful. I ran the code with ODS HTML3 and got the desired output.

Thanks again,

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