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SAS Transport Files

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SAS Transport Files

Hi All,

I have a SAS transport file with .xpt extension which is created at other site using proc cport in Windows OS with SAS V9 and downloaded at my site. I am trying to unpack this file using proc cimport in Windows OS and SAS V8 and it gives an error message 'Given transport file is bad'. I think this is because proc cport and proc cimport doesn't work for backward versions of SAS. The other procedure I can think of is using Xport engine with Proc copy to create transport files which works with backward versions of SAS. But I think that only works for SAS Dataset files not for SAS Formats and Catalogs. The other site have SAS Datasets, Formats and catalog files. Can anyone suggest what needs to be done to transport these files correctlyin one .xpt file?

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Re: SAS Transport Files

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FAQ01099 on the Support site talks about some of the issues with transport files. Your error message is one of those produced where "The following errors are produced if either or both the file characteristics are wrong or the transport file is transferred or uploaded as something other than binary or image:"

There are also many other notes on the creation and reading of transport files, you should exclude these possibilities first.

The documentation does not make any reference to issues of compatibility between transport files created on the data model for SASV7, which includes both V8 and V9. It also provides information on transporting catalogs as well as tables.

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