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SAS Proc report Layout

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SAS Proc report Layout

Want to generate the attached proc report structure in excel.


Scenario: Have numeric data columns with date column(YYYY-MM-DD), Based on this date, need to place numeric data on respoective workday, days Week, Date


Could you please help me to generate the attached structure by using proc report

SAS Proc report layout.jpg
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Re: SAS Proc report Layout


  Thanks for posting a screen shot of your desired output. However, in order to really help you, we need some idea of how your data is structured. Assuming you have variables that can be across variables, you should be able to get a column for every day.


  What code have you tried? Can you post some sample data for testing? What are the problems with the code you've tried? It will help everyone help you if you post sample data (not in Excel) and the PROC REPORT program you've got so far. Otherwise, you are asking people to make fake data from scratch (that may or may not match the structure of the data you have) and to write code from scratch, that may be wrong if the structure they pick for their is not the structure you have for your data.



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