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SAS OLE DB error

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SAS OLE DB error

Sorry if this in the wrong forum, I don't actually know anything about SAS but I have a SAS file (.sas7bdat) that I need to load into SQL Server 2008. While trying to use the "SAS Local Data Provider 9.2" I get these errors:

Error Description: A Server error has occured: ;fn=ydedopn; context =sasej9lib0902.dll; fn=ydedopn; context =sasej9lib0902.dll.


Error Description: A provider specific error occured (SASUPDataSet:Smiley SurprisedpenFile() : Data Set Name (cTableByteLen) too long. Not a Valid SAS Name).

The errors occurs as soon as you set the file to be a data source.

The file can be loaded into SQL Server 2000 using ODBC (SAS Universal ODBC Driver) so it is a valid file, despite what the second error seems to suggest.

Any help that can be provided would be appreciated.
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Re: SAS OLE DB error

Just in case anybody else comes here and there is no solution..


According to the documentation, the data source should be set to the folder where the sas7bdat file(s) reside.

The provider treats the folder as the “database” and each file is a “table” in the “database”


"Provider=sas.LocalProvider; Data Source=C:\SASInputFiles\"


Each file is then treated as a table.. 


Hope this helps!

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