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SAS ODS in 9.3 vs 9.4

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SAS ODS in 9.3 vs 9.4



 I am running SAS ODS legacy code that was written and used on SAS 9.3. When I test it there everything looks beautiful and fits on the page nicely. Once we upgraded to SAS 9.4 I am getting errors and the graphs will not all fit on the page. Are there different default margins or settings that I need to reset to match the SAS 9.3 config?


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Re: SAS ODS in 9.3 vs 9.4

This largely depends on which destination you're using (PDF? HTML?) and which style. Tech Support has a lot of experience with this kind of question. I recommend that you contact them directly.

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Re: SAS ODS in 9.3 vs 9.4

Hi, as Tim suggests, working with Tech Support might be your best bet.

If you are specifically using ODS PDF and noticing differecnes, then you might want to check out these papers for some background:

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Re: SAS ODS in 9.3 vs 9.4

Thanks so much to both of you! I will check with Tech Support!

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