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Remove some gridlines in RTF document

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Remove some gridlines in RTF document

How do I remove some cell gridlines in an rtf output? I want to remove for the sake of argument, the right cell line from the third cell on some lines and have it appear on others. I do want gridlines around the headers and the entire table.
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Re: Remove some gridlines in RTF document

There is a distinction between gridlines and cell borders.

In Word, uneder the Table tab, there is a swithc for Show/Hide Gridlines. When it is on, it places a gridline around the table (titles and footnotes are tables, also).

There is no control for some gridlines and not others.

Borders on cells are a different story. They are applied on a cell by cell basis. Until 9.2, borders were only controlled on a table basis. Even then, you would have t be able to identify a specifc cell in some way to change border values. Some procs give better access with formats applied to values and column identification than others do.
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Re: Remove some gridlines in RTF document

This will be easier to do in 9.2 than in 9.1 -- in 9.2, there are attributes that you can change, as described starting here under border control: Since these attributes work in a style template, they should also work in the STYLE=override capability of PROC PRINT, REPORT and TABULATE.

Your only choices for SAS 9.1 are:
1) turn off all table lines with SAS and then use RTF control strings (the \brdrt, \brdrb strings, etc) to change the borders of the cells (you would either pass these strings in as RAW text using ODS ESCAPECHAR or you would send them to the document with PRETEXT and POSTTEXT style attributes)
2) turn off all table lines with SAS and then use Word Macros or VB to change the table after its been opened in Word
3) use some other (non-ODS) method to generate your RTF control strings (such as some of the older programs that used DATA step code to write RTF)


some relevant links:
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Re: Remove some gridlines in RTF document

Hi All

There are another 2 choices to Cynthia’s list I could think off.

1) Use ODS OO features (See SUGI28 paper 22-28 by Daniel O’Connor). This is
only experimental in v9.1 though.

2) By post-processing your RTF file. What you need to do is to tag the cells as
2j4tdas2yl (sorry don’t know your name) mentioned then post-process

I agree with 2j4tdas2yl - that is I don’t think the new features (bordertop … ect ) in
9.2 will help in this case because I believe its apply to per column and I think John
is asking per cell level.

Here are some exmples of what you can do:

click on the downlod button.

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