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Reading in different kinds of files?

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Reading in different kinds of files?

I have many different types of files. Text files, excel files, CSV files. These files contain almost same information.. but in different order. Is there any intelligent way to read these files in sas. Please ask me if u need more information. This is a bit complex.. :-O
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Re: Reading in different kinds of files?

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SAS Data Integration Studio might provide the most effective way to generalise without having to write lots of code.
PROC IMPORT (not available on z/OS) has a DBMS= parameter allowing values like DLM, CSV and EXCEL.
A better alternative (imho) than PROC IMPORT, are the libname engines (also known as: SAS/Access data library engines).
For text including CSV, where we can recognise the column definition by some metadata or a name in a column header, I would still not use PROC IMPORT, because you will know so much more about the data and its purpose than PROC IMPORT can derive.

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