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Reading Chinese Characters from Teradata

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Reading Chinese Characters from Teradata

Hi All,
Data extracted from Teradata using SAS which contains Chinese traditional characters for customer name and displayed as ??.

But when the same data is pulled directly using TD SQL Assistant. I am getting Chinese characters, where I changed the font to UTF8.
How do I fix this issue of Chinese character display in SAS. I tried using encoding=utf8, but thats not working.

Experts, Assist me.

Thanks so much.
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Re: Reading Chinese Characters from Teradata


I believe that the ?? are in a way a good sign as it could mean at least that some double byte characters have been transmitted from Teradata to SAS and it's now eventually "only" about surfacing these characters.

There are a number of things which must be set correctly in order to make things work.
You find documentation under "SAS National Language Support (NLS)",

I have only experience with some "single byte" languages and it can already be tricky there. We just should all speak US English only.... ;-)

Good luck and let us know how you solved it. Eventually raise a track with SAS tech support if you get stuck and don't get a more concrete answer here.

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Re: Reading Chinese Characters from Teradata

What OS do your sas setup ?

If OS is AIX or UNIX ,then you need to change the content of 'sasenv_local' file.

Especial to set environment variable 'NLS_Lang=American_American.zh16gbk'  or 'NLS_Lang=American_American.utf8'.

It is better that copy the context of profile file in Teradata into 'sasenv_local' file.

And Technology support is your best resource.


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