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Re: Calculate Cumulative release

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Re: Calculate Cumulative release

Hi Rick,

Thank you for your support. I do not have Ci calculated through SAS. I wanted to provide you more details as follows:

I wanted to achieve custom calculation for the attached data. I have this calculation in excel, but in order to submit to FDA, I need it in SAS. I am using SAS 9.4 TS level 1M2.

The workbook has 3 spreadsheets as follows:

  1. Test
  2. Reference
  3. Output

 On the test and reference spreadsheets, I wanted the SAS program to calculate the yellow highlighted fields. 

 On the output sheet, I have data taken from the test and reference spreadsheets and further calculated results and plotted charts. The output sheet also has calculation formula for Q and other fields shown above.


I wanted to achieve the output sheet as a SAS report. Can you please help me by providing a detailed code. I really appreciate your help in this manner.


let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Calculate Cumulative release

The FDA probably wants YOU (@DShah) to understand the SAS output that you submit, not for SAS to provide output that supports claims based on your spreadsheet calculations.

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Re: Calculate Cumulative release

Hi PGstats

The FDA is asking us to provide the data in form of .XPT format. Probably they will perform the calculations once they receive. I wanted to make sure that we perform those calculations at our end and ensure that the data at both ends will be the same.




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