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Question on SAS Setting - Result tab

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Question on SAS Setting - Result tab

Hi all,

when launchig SAS, in the main window, on the left, i see two tabs.

"Explorer" and "Results".

I can manually close them by pressing the "x" in the corner.

My question is: is there a way to permanently close the "Result tab" (or both) via script or via setting?

Each time i open SAS it is still there, even if I closed it in the previous session.
Thanks a lot for your support.


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Re: Question on SAS Setting - Result tab

Of course! SAS has options for everything.

When you launch SAS, you can specify the -NOEXPLORER option on the command.  Add this to the SAS.EXE shortcut or to the sasv9.cfg file in the SAS.EXE folder where SAS is installed.


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