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Proc sort not working

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Proc sort not working

Several proc sort procedures in my code properly sort datasets with a large number of observations (30 million +). However, once it reaches a certain dataset, the proc sort stalls. The program doesn't crash, the log doesn't update, and the dataset doesn't sort. The locked outfile file appears in the output libname location, however the size is 0 kbs. This is a simple procedure: proc sort, by variables, and run command.  This dataset is quite larger than the others, but not by much. The by variables exist and have normal values. Any clue as to what may be happening?



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Re: Proc sort not working

"The program doesn't crash, the log doesn't update.."  How do you know that the process has finished?

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Re: Proc sort not working

FWIW: If you are on a Window's server, and your data are on a different drive than the one where you have SAS installed, you may want to try moving the file onto the same drive where SAS is installed and trying it from there.  I.e., it may be a Window's problem!

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Re: Proc sort not working

If the data is large you may want to investigate options such as TAGSORT or options that depend on your OS.

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Re: Proc sort not working


Maybe try running the sort with fewer records to see if there isn't something other than the size causing the long response, E.g.:

proc sort data=have(obs=100)


  by var1;




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