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Proc report with ods tagsets.rtf formatting problem

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Proc report with ods tagsets.rtf formatting problem


I'm currently facing problems with formatting a table in a rtf document produced with proc report.

The problem is that I would like to reduce the automatic calculated row height or the line spacing. Without any additional settings for the cell height my report looks like screenshot 1. As the proc report is used in a macro where the font size may be adjusted or also the text in column one might need to lines, I can not define a fixed cell height.

That's why I'm trying to adjust it with the cellpadding=0. If I do so, the cell height is fine but the problem is that the left and right cell margins are now to small (see screenshot2). How can I reduce the cell height without getting the problems with the left/right margin? Is there some way to adapt only the top/bottom cell margins?

Here an extract of my code

ods tagsets.rtf file="&outfile." style=journal;

  proc report data=&out. nowd  style(column)={  font_size=& font=(Calibri)}

                           style(report)={ cellpadding=0  frame=box rules=cols   }
                           style(header)={ font_size=& font=(Calibri) borderbottomwidth=2 borderbottomcolor=black };
   column  (" ^S={borderbottomcolor=white borderbottomwidth=2} Adverse event type"  event )
           ("N=&Npat."  n_perc   )  ;
   define  event/display " " style(column)=[asis=on];
   define  n_perc/ display "n (%)"  ;

ods tagsets.rtf close;

ods listing;

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Proc report with ods tagsets.rtf formatting problem


  This is the type of question best answered by Tech Support. There may not be a way to do what you want, but the experts are there to help you figure it out.


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Re: Proc report with ods tagsets.rtf formatting problem

increase borderrightwidth and/or borderleftwidth might work since the Journal style uses the border colors as the background color and don't show.

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Re: Proc report with ods tagsets.rtf formatting problem

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately to increase the borderrightwidth will not solve my problem, as I want the column borders to be displayed (I use the rule=col option in the style).


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