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Proc report title background colour.

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Proc report title background colour.

I've a code like below. When I run this proc report, .xml appears as attached. If you see the attachment, you can see that second line is only half coloured, but I would like to get a colour for a complete line as like first line. How to do that? Please advise.

ODS tagsets.excelxp file='/usr/sas/tir/work/log_table.xml' style=statistical

  options(autofilter='ALL'  sheet_name='log_analysis'  sheet_interval='none' embedded_titles='Yes');


title1 'Log Analysis Report';

proc Report data=log_table box nowd missing out=work.log_table_final

  style(header) = {background=white foreground=black FONT_WEIGHT = bold bordertopcolor=black borderleftcolor=white

  borderrightcolor=white borderbottomcolor=black};

  columns fname1 Date_TimeStamp1 date  Status processid1 userid1 Details;

  define fname1/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =45  display;

  define Date_TimeStamp1/"Date Timestamp1" style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =16  display;

  define Date/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width=16 display;

  define Status/ style(header)=[background=lightgreen]  width =5 display;

  define processid1/ style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =10  display;

  define userid1/ style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =20  display;

  define Details/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =60  display;


ods tagsets.excelxp close;

ods listing;

ods listing close;

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Re: Proc report title background colour.

There is nothing attached.

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Re: Proc report title background colour.

I could not attach

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Re: Proc report title background colour.

I tHink witHout attaHment also someone Can understand my question.

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Re: Proc report title background colour.

You attached a Photo to illustrate this .

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Re: Proc report title background colour.

Hi, not sure what you want to do with the title versus the headers. But as an addition comment, options like BOX and WIDTH= are ignored by ODS destinations, since they are LISTING-only options. Also, I am not entirely sure that ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP will even use your bordertopcolor, borderbottomcolor, etc styles. I think that may be ignored as well. You might want to work with Tech Support on this.


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