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Proc report problem

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Proc report problem

Hi All,

I have a SAS data set in which I have variable var1 which has some of its values as 10^9/L.

I am using proc report and ODS to create an xml output. In the output, I am getting values for var1 as 10/L instead of 10^9/L.

I am also using ods escapechar = '^';. This also doesn't work. The part of the code is:

ods escapechar="^";

ods _all_ close;

ods tagsets.ExcelXP




  proc report data=final nowindows split='*';

   column var1 var2 var3;

     define var1/ display 'Variable One' ;

   define var2/ display 'Two' ;

   define var3/ display 'Three';


What can be the reason for not proper display of values?

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Re: Proc report problem

But '^' is working, that's why you're getting 10/L instead of 10^9/L. Choose an escape char that doesn't appear in your data. Maybe '~' or '%'?

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Re: Proc report problem

Thank you!!!!!

It works Smiley Happy

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