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Proc Tabulate

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Proc Tabulate

Hi Team,

Iam using Proc Report for creating a table. I have created a small dataset. i have 4 levels of a variable (L,P,S,W) and then sub_types within each level


the desired output is attached. Iam trying to find frequencies of only the 1's, Iam not interested in the 0's

Also, is there a way to output the data in a desired fashion, for eg.,

i want par6, par7 and part8 to be followed by part1 etc.,


Thank you,


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Re: Proc Tabulate

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Didn't realize this was a partial duplicate post. And one of the reasons we recommend NOT posting duplicates. You left out the required appearance in this thead.

Also, frequencies represent counts and your previous post shows that you want %.

You may need to be more explicit about what you mean by " want par6, par7 and part8 to be followed by part1 " as there is no variable indicated to be Part1. The order of your variables in a report procedure will likely do what you want.


Basic approach with many of the report or summarization procedures is to SUM or Mean (for percent) the variable of interest.

I'm not going to do all of the manipulation to get something into the body of table that doesn't exist in your data the  CC and EL parts.


proc tabulate data=have;

class type sub_type;

var par: ;

table par1_cc par2_cc,

         type * subtype * mean='%';



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