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Proc Tabulate column header width

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Proc Tabulate column header width

I am using proc tabulate and am fairly new to it. I can get the main part of my table looking they way I want it. My problem is with the width of the column containing the row labels. One of the labels is 03. Adverse Internal & OII. When this is displayed in my output it displays one word per line so that there is a very large box so that the numbers in the table look very small with lots of blank space.

I need to be able to make the column wider but struggling to find the code.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Proc Tabulate column header width

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If you would post the code that you have it would be easieer for some one to show you how to tweak it

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Re: Proc Tabulate column header width

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Generally, the "row" labels are controlled by the row title space setting, which in the LISTING destination or OUTPUT window is set to 1/4 of line size. So, if you are talking about the LISTING window output, then try either of these things:
1) increase your linesize to 160:
options ls=160;

before the TABULATE and see if that helps. If it does help but not enough, then do this in your TABLE statement:
table var1 ,
var2*(min mean max) / rts=30;

Note the slash after your last variable and statistic specification and then the RTS option (after a slash). The RTS option should be as long as your string, plus 2 -- so if your string is 28 characters including spaces, then your RTS value would be 30. This extra number is taking into account the divider line at the beginning of the row cells and the divider after the row cells.

If you are NOT talking about the LISTING destination or OUTPUT window, then you should either paste your code into your forum posting and tell us your destination of choice (HTML, RTF, PDF, LISTING) -- because RTS only works for the LISTING window and you would have to use the CELLWIDTH style attribute to change the width of the row title area for other destinations.

Your other option is to try Tech Support who can look at your code AND your data and can help you with your question.

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