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Proc Report

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Proc Report

I have the following code.

data ListOfFiles;
set sqlSTL.Upload_Master;
if Meta_User="&user.";
length FileName_Desc FileName_Select FileName_Delete Button_Select $900 UploadDate UploadTime 8.;
format UploadDate mmddyy10. UploadTime hhmm.;
/*FileName_Desc="<A HREF=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FStudentFileUpload_Selection_2&_action=properties,execute,newwindow&amp"||'&filename_p='||strip(FileName)||"><b>Select</b></A>";*/
/*FileName_Desc="<A HREF=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FStudentFileUpload_Selection_2&_action=properties,execute,newwindow&amp"||'&filename_p='||strip(FileName)||">"||strip(FileName)||"</A>";*/
/*FileName_Select="<A HREF=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FStudentFileUpload_Selection_2&_action=properties,execute,newwindow&amp"||'&filename_p='||strip(FileName)||">"||strip(FileName)||"</A>";*/
FileName_Select="<A HREF=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FStudentFileUpload_Selection_2&_action=properties,execute,newwindow&amp"||'&filename_p='||strip(FileName)||">Select This File</A>";
FileName_Delete="<A HREF=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FConfirm_File_Deletion_1&_action=execute"||'&filename_p='||strip(FileName)||">Delete This File</A>";
/*Button_Select="<a href=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FStudentFileUpload_Selection_2&_action=properties,newwindow class='btn btn-primary btn-lg active' role='button'>Primary link</a>";*/
/*<a href="#"><button>Text</button></a>*/

What I intended to do is when the user select the link it should open the different stored process in a new window.

For some reason the new stored process keeps opening in the same windows.

Couls anybody look at the above code and suggest me. Thanks.



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Re: Proc Report

Is this a stored process question or a PROC REPORT question? IT looks like you are building your own HTML page with your own links to a SAS stored process. I seem to remember that if you want to pop an HTML file into a new window that you might have to add _target to the URL. The challenge is that with a stored process, the client application has to respect the use of _target. I am not sure that all the client applications where you run your stored process will respect/use _target. This is a question for Tech Support.

We also have a separate forum for SAS Stored Processes and this question would more appropriately be asked there if you are not going to open a track with Tech Support.

Here's the link to the other Forum for Stored Processes.

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Re: Proc Report

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Hello Cynthia,

Thanks for your prompt reply. This is a stored process question.

I made some changes and it works now.

I put target="_bank" at the end of href tag.


data ListOfFiles;
set Upload_Master;
length FileName_Desc FileName_Select FileName_Delete Button_Select $900 UploadDate UploadTime 8.;

FileName_Select="<A HREF=/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=%2FShared+Data%2FStudent+Listings%2FStudentFileUpload_Selection_2&_action=properties,execute,newwindow&amp"||'&filename_p='||strip(FileName)||" target=_blank>Select This File</A>";




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