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Proc Report - WRS

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Proc Report - WRS

Is it possible to view proc report in web report studio ?

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Re: Proc Report - WRS

If you create a stored process that uses PROC REPORT, the stored process should be viewable in Web Report Studio. There are some things that might be different with your stored process:
1) LINE statement output is not used by WRS -- so you will not see LINE statement output. In some versions of WRS, you will not see anything if your stored process has LINE statements; in other versions of WRS, you will see the basic report but without the LINE statement. You should work with Tech Support if you have a stored process and your PROC REPORT output does not show up in WRS.

2) If you create your stored process to use a style such as SASWEB or JOURNAL, you need to be aware of the fact that not all ODS STYLES are used by WRS -- so your output might have different colors or fonts in WRS than it shows in Word or EG.

If you work with Tech Support, they can look at all your code and your stored process and ask questions about your platform to help you come to a resolution of your issues with PROC REPORT and WRS. I have used PROC REPORT with stored processes that have been executed in WRS and except for the issues above, PROC REPORT output should display in WRS.

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