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Proc Compare: Missing 'outdif' record

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Proc Compare: Missing 'outdif' record


I am comparing two data sets using proc compare. I am outputing results to display all three recods (base, compare, dif). For some reason, some 'base' and 'compare' records have a matching ID, but there is no Dif record displayed. About half my population is showing a "Dif' record in the out file, but for others is not. Can anyone offer any explanation as why this may be occuring. note: Data is sorted before compare.

proc compare base=in.data_1 compare=in.data_2
outbase outcomp outdif out=out.data_3

id ID;
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Re: Proc Compare: Missing 'outdif' record

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Try using OUTALL instead of outbase outcomp outdif
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