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Problem in printing a multi- page o/p on a single page using proc report.

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Problem in printing a multi- page o/p on a single page using proc report.

I used proc report to print an output of 35 rows in an RTF file.
In the RTF file, the o/p is divided along 2 pages.

I want the printer to print my entire output in one page which is not happening.

My proc report code is as follows:

proc report data= FIN1 missing out=tem1;
('District Marathi Name' geo_district_name_mrth)
('General' general)
('S.C.P' scp)
('T.S.P' tsp)
('O.T.S.P' otsp)
('TOTAL' total)
('Name of the District' geo_district_name);
define geo_district_name_mrth/ group '' style={font_face='DVB-TTYogesh'};
define general/sum '';
define scp/sum '';
define tsp/sum '';
define otsp/sum '';
define total/sum '';
define geo_district_name / '' group ;
title1 'ANNUAL PLAN 2008-2009';

compute geo_district_name;
if _break_='_RBREAK_' then
call define ('geo_district_name','style', 'style=[pretext="Total"]');
rbreak after / summarize ;

compute before _page_;
line @1 "Head of Development :&sector_name" @130 " ";
line @1 "Sub-Head of Development :&subsector_name" @140 "Rs. in Lakhs";

Please help.
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Re: Problem in printing a multi- page o/p on a single page using proc report.

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I'm confused. Is this your scenario:
1) you make an output file with ODS RTF
2) when you open the output file with Microsoft Word, or some other Word processor you see that the output file information goes across 2 pages
3) when you print the file (from inside the Word Processor, you choose
File ----> Print you do NOT get 1 page to print???

There are 2 possibilities with what you mean by "divided along 2 pages" -- you have a very wide report and the output is coming out in the default PORTRAIT orientation -- and you get 35 rows for the first 4 columns on 1 page and then 35 rows for the next 4 or 5 columns on page 2.

Or, you have a file that's too LONG for Word and you mean that the first 17 or 18 rows appear on page 1 and the next 17 or 18 rows appear on page 2.

If you are viewing your RTF file with Microsoft Word, there is no "shrink to fit" when you print the RTF file using Word. If the problem is that the output file is "too wide" your choices are to change the orientation to LANDSCAPE or change the font_size or cell padding in order to fit more characters on a line.

If you are saying the the output file is "too long", then your choices are to make the font_smaller and to reduce the cell padding in order to make the output "fit". Or, the other thing you can consider is to move to creating an HTML file which can be as wide or as long as you need it to be.

If you search the forum for the string "very wide reports", you should find some programs that show how to tweak the output so you can get more on one page. If none of these descriptions is what you mean to describe, then perhaps your best bet for help is to work with SAS Tech Support.

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