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Print al datasets in a library

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Print al datasets in a library

I have posted a query earlier regarding printing all the datasets in a library and I got some good response. I especially liked the post by Flip

data _null_;
set sashelp.vmember( where = (libname = upcase('&libname') and memtype = 'DATA')) end = eof;
if _n_ = 1 then call execute("ODS Listing Close; ods rtf nogtitle file='C:\report1.rtf' style=profile ;");
call execute("proc print data = " || memname || " noobs; run;");
if EOF then call execute("ods rtf close;");

since it takes less time than the one I am using.

Now my question is can we customize the order in which the datasets are printed. By default they are printed in alphabetical order. I want to specify a sort order.

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Re: Print al datasets in a library

Sure you can. Split up the single DATA step to create an intermediate SAS temporary file, sort the file with PROC SORT, and then code another DATA step to generate the CALL EXECUTE commands. If you have some particular substring of characters in a MEMNAME that you want to use as your SORTKEY variable, extract the character(s) using an assignment statement and SUBSTR function. Otherwise you can arbitrarily assign a numeric variable SORTKEY based on some other criteria in a lead-in DATA step using IF / THEN assignments.

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