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Possible to "hide" data within ODS HTML output?

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Possible to "hide" data within ODS HTML output?


I use a long program with many sections to complete my quarterly reports. Currently I use ODS HTML to create one big file that is opened at the beginning of the program and closed at the end and contains all of the output. I then have to sort through all of that data and manually plug it into an excel spreadsheet.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to "hide" sections of the ouput that were not needed for my report so that they would not be displayed in the HTML output? I need them to be run because they are useful for other things, but I would like to eliminate scrolling through all of them in the HTML output. Mostly what I need to have in the HTML is all of my proc tabulate steps. If it is not possible to "hide" steps using ODS HTML, it is possible to open and close it several times throughout the program and still have it append into one HTML file by the end?

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Re: Possible to "hide" data within ODS HTML output?

You can use the ODS SELECT and EXCLUDE statements to choose the tables that you want to appear in your HTML file. Use the ODS TRACE ON statement to find out what tables your program creates, then use ODS EXCLUDE to exclude the tables you don't want to see. Here's the doc for ODS EXCLUDE:
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