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Pdf page width

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Pdf page width

I have to generate output in pdf using proc report
is is posible to increase the page width in pdf file using proc report so that i can get all the column in one page as it happens in html format.
thank you
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Re: Pdf page width

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First of all, please don't compare layout possibilities between anything and HTML. HTML displays a page according to the rules of its reader, and not all readers interpret or execute the HTML instructions in the same way. This means that if layout matters, then you should use a layout destination such as RTF, PS or PDF. (I think the last two are actually the same, but I bear them both in mind in case they do deviate in the future.)

Secondly, it makes sense to use the forum search functionality on the master index page. Search parameters of "ODS PDF Increase size" took me to what I expected to find: Cynthia's detailed treatment of this subject previously. The forums are mature enough now for there to be a fair chance that common issues have already been explored. Now if we could get the search engines to crawl the pages as well!!!

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