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Page Numbering in .RTF file using TAGSETS

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Page Numbering in .RTF file using TAGSETS


I have been producing statistical output in ODS RTF and up until now have had the page numbers embedded into a title so that my titles and page numbering are coming out in the header box of the .RTF file as page 1 / 2 etc

However, it is now required that the titles need to be outside of the header box when it goes into the .RTF document.
The two methods I can see of doing this are as follows:

- Using BODYTITLE - but this seems to distort all my titles (moves them to teh right and compresses) and does not display the page numbers anymore.
- Using ODS TAGSETS.RTF (as I am using v9.2 of SAS). Here the titles come out fine except again the page numbers are missing.

I have checked that the page numbers do come out fine when the page numbers are inside the header - and the output also comes out lovely in .PDF, but unfortunatley .PDF is not the required format.
Also the page numbers are there when you print preview or print the document out, but unfortunatly this is not an acceptable outcome for an electronic output.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get the page x of y presented in a .RTF file outside of the header box without having to manually program page numbers up in SAS then that woudl be much appreciated!


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Re: Page Numbering in .RTF file using TAGSETS

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The page numbers and page of syntax are field edit instructions in the rtf. When they occur in the title, they are activated automatically,even in edit mode. When they are activated in the body, each one has to be activated independently.

In both tagsets.rtf and the traditonal rtf using body title, you can switch from edit mode to print preview mode. This will expand all the instructions. If you were to print them, they would also show up.

Another choice is the modify the pagno style. The default page numbers show up in the "header" section of the rtf doc. And then you could see them in edit mode also. You would have to apply the style to the rtf document wiht "ods rtf style=yourstyle" ...
You would not be using a title statement to post pagenumbers, so you would not be using "options nonumber" to suppress the defaults.
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Re: Page Numbering in .RTF file using TAGSETS

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Thanks for your suggestions Wayne - I am reverting to doing the paging in SAS now as I think this will give me more control over this (and since PDF and RTF files seem to apply different rules for paging - ie ods rtf gives different number of pages sometimes than ods pdf).
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