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PROC REPORT on mainfrale z/OS: V9 versus V8

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PROC REPORT on mainfrale z/OS: V9 versus V8

dear readers,
i have a PROC REPORT on z/OS mainframe with style= elements.
Now we are mirgrated to 9.2 and my layout differs for 50% !!!

What has changed V8 versus V9 ??
i.e. STYLE={BACKGROUND=BISQUE does not work anymore??

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Re: PROC REPORT on mainfrale z/OS: V9 versus V8

Several things happened between Version 8 and Version 9 of SAS that had an impact on ODS. The biggest change that affected ODS HTML was this:

V8: Version of ODS HTML created HTML 3.2 tags, where style information was embedded inside the HTML code (such as with <FONT> tags and STYLE attributes).

V9: Version of ODS HTML created HTML 4.0 tags, where style information is contained in an inline <STYLE> section.

On reason you could be observing the behavior that you describe is :
1) your viewer does not "like" HTML 4 tags (this behavior is most noticeable when you open your HTML file with Excel)
2) your browser or viewer does not "like" the inline <STYLE> section

If you want to run a quick test, change one job from ODS HTML to ODS HTML3 -- this will guarantee that the HTML tags created are the same as those created in V8. Other alternatives are:
1) use ODS HTML3
2) use ODS MSOFFICE2K (Microsoft came up with their own "flavor" of HTML instead of HTML 4 -- for Microsoft Office -- starting in Office 2000. If you want to create this flavor of HTML, use the MS specific HTML-based destination)
3) use ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP -- if you want to create Spreadsheet Markup Language XML files specifically for Excel.

Between V8 and V9, there were some style template changes, as well
v8 old v9 new
style name style name
----------- -----------
statistical harvest
analysis ocean

In V9, there is still a style called STATISTICAL and a style called ANALYSIS, but their colors are different from their V8 versions. If you want the old color schemes, use the new style names shown above.

Without knowing what procedure contains your STYLE={background=bisque} override, it is hard to guess why you might not be seeing the results you expect. If the problem does not turn out to be ODS HTML versus ODS HTML3 -- then you might want to open a track with Tech Support so you could show them all your code and they could test the code on a mainframe system.

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