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PROC REPORT and sequence of output pages

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PROC REPORT and sequence of output pages


I'm generating reports with proc report (and ODS) which span more than one printer page. The reports are created in PDF format and I'm using a style definition for formatting. Proc report uses the 'row major' principle (first over then down). But my customer would like to receive the reports in 'column major' format (first down then over). So far I have found no way to create the reports in that order of pages. You have the choice if you open a table in DM with Viewtable and select to print the table. In the print options one can select between row vs. column major. But the reports are generated in overnight batches, therefore there is no possibility to do something similiar.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot
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Re: PROC REPORT and sequence of output pages

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Currently it's not possible to get the pagination behavior you desire from ODS PRINTER. You're not the first customer to ask for it. I could envision adding a PRINTER option to control it in a future release of SAS.

-- David Kelley, SAS
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