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PROC DOCUMENT Replay Margins

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PROC DOCUMENT Replay Margins

Dear All,

I am using the ODS DOCUMENT destination to save output in parallel to the ODS PDF destination. In a few cases, when replaying the original document, I get a PDF output that slightly differs from the original PDF output in that in some places, SAS thinks there is enough space to fit either a table or a portion of a table whereas in the original, there would be a pagebreak between two tables.

In both instances, I have used the ODS PDF STARTPAGE=NEVER so that is not the reason for the pagebreak. I was unable to replicate this using sample code so I cannot provide code to test, but if this rings a bell or you have suggestions that I might try - perhaps having experienced this before yourself - I will be happy to oblige and post the results.

I am using the exact same ODS PDF destination opener statement (except for the filename of course) and the same template. I've been able to replicate this in the RTF destination as well.

Thanks in advance for any input :-)


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Re: PROC DOCUMENT Replay Margins


  I would not expect STARTPAGE=NEVER to have an impact on your PDF output. STARTPAGE=NEVER was originally designed for suppressing the automatic page breaks before graph output, to allow output such as this 48569 - Use the STARTPAGE option in the ODS PDF statement to put multiple graphs on a single page in... -- note the changes in HORIGIN and VORIGIN for graph placement. But for tabular output, I would not expect STARTPAGE=NEVER to have an impact.

  I generally control page breaks using an "OB" command in ODS DOCUMENT/PROC DOCUMENT, by inserting or deleting the page breaks I want (OBPAGE). But if you are replaying an unchanged ODS DOCUMENT to PDF and you encounter different replay behavior and page breaking AND you have verified that you have the exact same system options (margins) in place for the replay as you had for the original creation AND you are not inserting any extra OB titles or notes, then I would recommend that you open a track with Tech Support on this. Given the same set of system options for orientation and margins, I would not expect a "vanilla" replay to generate different page breaking/table breaking behavior.


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