The SAS Output Delivery System and reporting techniques

PDF with Logo in Header

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PDF with Logo in Header


I am trying to generate a set of PDFs with an image/logo on the top of the page(header) and the bottom(footer).

I also want the images printed even if the pdf has no data, so the SystemTitle class in proc Template did not help me.

Is there a way around this? Can’t find much in way of documentation, but I might not be searching for the correct terms.

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PDF with Logo in Header

Read the following link (Page 6 and 7). I hope this will help and good luck

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PDF with Logo in Header

Try this...

ods pdf file = 'test.pdf';

ods escapechar = '^';

* Your image has to be of proper size;

* you can also make logo left or right justify;

title "^S={preimage='C:\Users\sas.jpg'}";

proc print data = sashelp.class;


ods pdf close;

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