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PDF hyperlinks embedded in a TOC

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PDF hyperlinks embedded in a TOC


Can anyone advise me a method to implement hyperlinks in a 'proc report' generated pdf document that allows for the following?

I have a table-of-contents page that has subject numbers in the y axis and domain names in the x axis. Each cell indicates the number of rows reported in the selected subject's domain. I would like the user to click on a cell and be jumped to the related pdf page.

The problems that I have:

1) I dont want hand-code each individual hyperlink. (The pdf report is produced via a SAS macro and therefore I dont have easy access to each individual field but only each dataset as a whole.)

2) I dont know how many x or y points there will be when the report is run. (As the study progresses both the x and y axis will increase.)

I'm using 9.1.3 and ODS via proc report to generate the output.

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Re: PDF hyperlinks embedded in a TOC

When I try to understand your question...

I would say you want to have imagemaps defined on a webpage to generated PDF as hyperlinks.

IT is not proc report but gives some techniques.

SAS/STAT(R) 9.3 User's Guide (Using the Output Delivery System / Example 20.9 HTML Output with Graphics and Hyperlinks)

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