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PDF Font size increase

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PDF Font size increase

Hi Friends,

The below code is working well. But the font size in the PDF file is too small. Please tell me how to increase the size of the font.

ods pdf file=pdfout startpage=now;
data _null_;
file print;
set cdhcpgrep;
format mon $month.;
title ' CDHCPG Report';
put mon y2ddol y2dpct y1ddol y1dpct;
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Re: PDF Font size increase

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Using Proc template you can modify the font sizes of the output. I didn't know what version of SAS you were using so I wrote and tested this in 9.1. If you need a earlier version let me know.

To change the font of the data inside a Data Null you have to change the BatchFixedFont setting. I've changed it to 12pt from the initial default of 6.7pt. Try this and see if this helps.


sample program...

proc template;
define style Styles.biggerfont;
parent = Styles.printer;
replace fonts /
'TitleFont2' = ("Times Roman",12pt,Bold Italic)
'TitleFont' = ("Times Roman",13pt,Bold Italic)
'StrongFont' = ("Times Roman",10pt,Bold)
'EmphasisFont' = ("Times Roman",10pt,Italic)
'FixedEmphasisFont' = ("Courier",9pt,Italic)
'FixedStrongFont' = ("Courier",9pt,Bold)
'FixedHeadingFont' = ("Courier",9pt,Bold)
'BatchFixedFont' = ("SAS Monospace, Courier",12pt)
'FixedFont' = ("Courier",9pt)
'headingEmphasisFont' = ("Times Roman",11pt,Bold Italic)
'headingFont' = ("Times Roman",11pt,Bold)
'docFont' = ("Times Roman",10pt);
ods pdf file='pdfout.pdf' style=Styles.biggerfont;
data _null_;
file print;
set sashelp.class;
title ' Big Fonts Report';
put age sex name;
ods pdf close;
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